Impossible Things is a creative technology company that dreams up delightful new experiences that blend digital media with the physical world, and then makes them real. At Impossible Things, we believe that Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful new platform for communications, one that will rapidly and drastically transform the way we create, present and exchange information, ideas and experiences. Working in such a nascent form, Impossible Things not only crafts compelling AR experiences, but also engineers new tools needed to achieve its vision.

Collectively we have won over 60 awards including:

Companies and organisations the team have worked with include:


Our Work

As an experience-first company, we are driven by highly esteemed and award-winning technology-enabled creative minds dedicated to the design of meaningful experiences, ones that bring real value to audiences and end-users. We don’t make augmented reality simply to impress; we make it to engage, to delight and to achieve tangible outcomes. That means truly understanding the unique properties of the form, and constantly pushing to explore and discover its inherent powers.


  • Trend Hunter

    “ReBlink combines historic art and culture with modern technology-based entertainment, providing both art fanatics and casual admirers a uniquely entertaining experience”

    Trend Hunter
  • Robert Gould

    Alex Mayhew lives and creates in the Multi-Present. Through his art, he sees – and challenges us to see – a multiplicity of possible realities and experiences in the moment. Fixed reality falls away, elements move and evolve and dissolve; relationships are formed and realized, transformations occur before our eyes. With his ReBlink show at the AGO, Alex activates smart devices as windows on a multitude of animated visions of traditional artworks that confront, confound, delight and entertain the viewer. When you gaze through Alex’s magic window, you will see the world as he sees it: vivid, liquid, alive with imagination and possibilities; it is the Future that is here with us now.

    Robert Gould
  • FastCo Design

    “You’ll never look at a centuries-old oil painting the same way again”

    FastCo Design
  • The Financial Post

    “ReBlink exhibit at Toronto’s AGO takes augmented reality beyond video games!”

    The Financial Post
  • Dr. Richard Lachman

    “I’ve seen a lot of AR in the last few years, and yours is without a doubt the best I’ve encountered. It’s beautiful, it’s clever, it *adds* layers to the physical interaction (rather than replacing it), and even your interaction-design is great. I love the attention to detail — that I can move around in 3-space and your virtual worlds continue to surprise and have consistency. Amazing work (as always)”

    Dr. Richard Lachman
  • -Alan Snow (Boxtrolls creator)

    “ReBlink is a revelation (in every sense). An actual window on other realities, dreams, the imagination, and delight. If you have ever wondered if there are new ways of creating beauty, then you need to see this work.”

    -Alan Snow (Boxtrolls creator)