Time Tremors

Augmented Reality, Game, Transmedia

Originated by Alex Mayhew, developed with and produced by Xenophile Media. Time Tremors is a cross platform game where mobile apps and a live-action TV series reveals an amazing mystery.

The TV Show

Max and Medie, along with their online allies, find themselves in the middle of a great battle between two opposing forces as the unsuspecting guardians of the Celestial Atlas. Follow them as they unravel the many oddities of the Ranksome Academy. Learn that evil lurks in the very being of the biology teacher Miss Bugly – a malevolent demon who draws power from the fear she generates in the nightmares of the very students she is teaching.

The Game: Hunt, Collect, Watch and Play

Players must help Max and Medie defeat Bugly, as they travel in time and space in search of fantastic objects from history known as Time Treasures.

Although concealed in time, Time Treasures can be detected and collected using mobile game apps, web games and location-specific missions, hosted on an expanding network of museums all over the world.

Players can even collect Time Treasures right off the TV screen using the Time Tremors Infinity game (iOS and Android devices) or at cultural locations around the world with the Time Tremors Location Base Hunt 

Players may also explore and play in the rich story world, through intricate game environments, interlaced with 45 minutes of high quality live action video, accessible on TV, online or on a mobile device.

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Early Visualisations

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