Ceremony of Innocence


Ceremony of Innocence is an interactive adaptation of the Nick Bantock‘s GRIFFIN & SABINE  trilogy of books. Developed at Peter Gabriels Real World (UK) it is described as a ‘spellbinding electronic theatre of the imagination’. It stars starring Paul McGann, Isabella Rossellini, and Ben Kingsley.Within an enchanting interactive environment, Ceremony of Innocence conjures up the mystical story of Griffin and Sabine – a young English artist and his sphinx-like South Sea Island muse. Experience all fifty-eight cards and letters as they burst into life through interactive riddles, animation, film, video, fine art and photomontage. Ceremony of Innocence features a wealth of different forms of imagery that together create an audio-visual world, capable of responding to the viewer’s actions. Within this environment are interactive life-forms that were created and animated using many different techniques.

Ceremony of Innocence swept the electronic media awards around the globe including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), the INVISION gold medal, best of show at the EURO PRIX, New York Festival gold medal, EMMA (European Multimedia Award), Australia’s gold ATOM and AIMIA Awards, plus Canada’s Atlantic Digital Media Award.

The New York Times said Ceremony of Innocence is “…a seductive interactive collage. This is a work of trained artists. It’s not just technically impressive. It is genuinely sophisticated. And in many ways, Ceremony surpasses its printed source. Griffin and Sabine couldn’t have done it better themselves.”

Read an interview of Peter Gabriel talking about Ceremony of Innocence HERE

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